Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stupid Christmas Lights

This year John wanted to get a head start on the Christmas lights and try and get them done before the cold weather came. The weather has been perfect during Johns last week of vacation and John was  just about finished with the house. On Friday night he went out to finish the last strand and while putting up the last light the latter slipped out from under him. The poor guy feel onto the driveway and shattered his heel. I was down in the basement with my friend, Brianne. I heard what I thought was a car alarm but soon realized it was John trying to get me to come out. 

Poor John was in so much pain!! The five doses of morphine he got at the ER didn't help much and they only gave us 20 pills to last until Monday afternoon (good thing my neighbors don't mind sharing drugs).

We met with the surgeon this week and luckily John doesn't have to have surgery. The heel is shattered but the joint didn't break. I guess the bones will heal themselves. The bad news is he still has to be on crutches for 3 months! I hate that this happened but we are so very lucky it wasn't worse.

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