Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year!

I'm still having a hard time believing that we are in 2012! Just this evening John was saying how a house built in the '72 was 40 years old. I immediately reminded him that I was born in '79 and so there is now way the house could be 40 years old. Well then he had to point out that the house is 8 years older then me and that I too will be 40 years old  in just 8 short years! I was shocked. Seriously, 40? Anyway, back on track, it's 2012 and we just finished the first week. One of my goals is to do better at blogging and so I begin...

We had a really low key yet really fun New Years Eve. Scott and Michele came over for dinner and the Greenberg's joined us after dinner.  This was my first time backing a ham and I was totally shocked at how easy it was. Why haven't I been baking ham all these years? We also had twice backed potatoes and plenty of treats and snack foods.

After dinner the girls got to open their gifts from the New Years Mouse (it was supposed to be from the Christmas mouse but we never got around to it on Christmas). The little mouse left each of them a present in their new matryoshka doll ornaments. I'm thinking we may have started a new tradition with this. The girls loved their earrings and thought it was so fun!

We spent the night playing ping-pong and watching the boll drop on tv. Of course Eleanor was all bright-eyed and wide awake for the big event. Amelia crashed just minutes before the ball dropped and little Jude rang in the new year dead asleep on the couch.

We had fun toasting and kissing! It was a fun way to welcome the New Year!

We had fun making toast and kissing! It was a great way to welcome the New Year!

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