Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before I Forget...

While Amelia was playing with the squinkies that Santa had given her the week before she says, "Thank you Santa Claus".

When Jude was getting his four month shots Eleanor was concerned she was going to have to get shots. I told her she wasn't and then she asked, "Do I have to get shots when I'm dead?" I told her no and then she said, "Oh I can't wait until I die".

While watching the First Presidency's Christmas devotional Eleanor told me she doesn't want to be in the "Norman" Tabernacle Choir because of the dresses they wear.

My conversation with Eleanor after she got done playing in the snow with Amelia and Katelyn:
M: So how was it?
E: Mom, it was like HELL but awesome!
M: What?
E: You know like when hell freezes.

After Eleanor got a little treat baggy from one of her primary teachers I tell her she's getting pretty spoiled this holiday season. She then says, "that's what it's all about, giving".

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