Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jude At Four Months

I hate that I'm writing about his four months stats. I kind of wish he were still just four weeks but then he wouldn't be as chubby and smiley! This little boy has been a complete joy in our home! The girls are head over hills for him and John and I are pretty smitten as well. Today the Dr. asked if he was rolling over yet and I had to explain to him that Jude hasn't been left alone long enough to even think about rolling over (and if he is alone chances are Amelia is laying on top of him). So, for his stats. He is 15.09 lbs. He's still in the 90th for height, 50th for weight and 30th for his head. To me he's just perfect!!

I confessed to the Dr. that I've been putting Jude down on his tummy to sleep. After a week of him screaming all night long (and I really mean all night) I gave in and turned him to his tummy and he's been sleeping through the night. Well the Dr. advised me to have him sleep on his back and as I write this Jude is up in his crib screaming bloody murder! How long can I let him do that? I hate it!!

Because Jude got a few shots today I gave him a long hot bath. Of course Amelia had to join in. After Amelia got him all scrubbed and cleaned I just let him lay for a few minutes. He must have been really enjoying it or extremely tired because he fell asleep. I tried getting a photo but the noise woke him up. (I couldn't do it. I went and got Jude, rocked him and put him back to bed. I know, he needs to cry it out but not tonight!)

Here are a few more photos of little Jude today. I love love this little boy!!

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  1. Jude is such an adorable little baby. His little smiles are so sweet. Hopefully I get to meet him sometime soon!