Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

 I love Christmas Eve! I loved it even more this year because John got the day off from work and our little family got to spend the entire day together.  John made us a yummy breakfast and then we all pitched in and cleaned up the house. (I'm determined Santa will not visit a dirty home!).  John played with the girls while I got a few things ready to take down to Elk Ridge for the Martin family party. On the way to the party I had to run into Costco to pick up a few more pounds of shrimp for Christmas dinner and a few other things. It was a mad house but I actually enjoyed it. I know its odd but I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve (only if I'm in no real need of anything and I'm just out to be out).

We all had a good time in Elk Ridge. The kids loved seeing their cousins and were thrilled to get a special visit from Santa. Amelia was very consistent with asking Santa for squinkies (she  sat on three different Santa laps). Lucky for her Santa delivered. Both she and Eleanor got a pack of squinkies and they were in heaven.

We of course had to drive past Salem pond on our way home for one last look at the lights. I was glad to be on the road before 5pm. Both girls stayed awake and when we got home we had plenty of time to get things ready for Santa.

Plans were to make chocolate chip cookies, Santa's favorite, but the girls were more interested in their new toys so we opted for the pre-made cookie dough. Eleanor made a jar full of special reindeer food at school and she was so anxious to spread it out on the lawn. I'm pretty sure most of the food flew back into her face and hair but luckily a little made it to the lawn.  Eleanor was pretty concerned about all the cookies Santa would be eating that night so she really wanted to leave him something healthy. So we left him an orange. She thought about leaving a cup of water but was afraid he would try to dip his cookies in water and it wouldn't be too good.
And one of my favorite thing all night was when Amelia starting eating Santa's cookies during our little photo shoot!
After we got everything set up for Santa I let the girls open a present. Each year they get a new Christmas book and we read all read it before going to bed. This year Eleanor and I have been working on memorizing "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and I found a really cute animotion version. The girls loved it and we ended up reading all our other Christmas books.


    Amelia went down to bed around 8:45. I'm pretty sure she had no clue what would be happening in the morning so I'm sure she had no problem going to sleep. Eleanor on the other hand was having a pretty hard time settling down. She had asked earlier this week if she could sleep in our bed on Christmas Eve. We put on How A Grinch Stole Christmas and got her all snuggled up.  John and I left her in there for a about a half hour while we started "cleaning" downstairs. When we went to check on her she was just about asleep. John moved her around on the bed and just when he got her all cozy they both her a loud jingle outside! Eleanor got very excited and told John they both had to close their eyes so Santa can come in. She must of believed us when we told her Santa won't come in if little kids are awake. She closed her eyes and was out within a few minutes.

    John and I had a lot of fun "cleaning" and getting ready for Santa. We watched Family Man and didn't finish everything until the very end of the movie. I know its a lot of work for one night but I wouldn't want it any other way. I tell you, Santa has the best job!!

    Of course I had to get a photo of each kid while they were sleeping. Well, except for Jude. When I went to get his photo he was wide awake. I didn't want to take the chance of waking him later so he got to be awake.

    Amelia was adorable. I can't wait until next year when she understands it a little bit more.
    Like I said, Eleanor had a hard time settling down but once she did she looked so cute.

    I'm not going to lie. I too had a hard time falling asleep. I was so anxious for the morning!! I had to promise I wouldn't wake anyone this year and I knew it was going to kill me...

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