Sunday, December 18, 2011

Before I Forget

When we try to get Amelia to take a nap or go to bed at night she'll say, "I woke up".

Already at the age of two Amelia is quite the back-seat-driver. She always says "Watch out the cars" or "Go slow dad".

She loves her little brother and calls him Judy.

She carries around 'Henry's baby' all day and sleeps with him/her every night.

She loves Santa Claus. She asked him to bring her squinkies and talks about it all day long!

Jingle Bells is her favorite song at the moment. She sings it all the time and even adds a little Jingle Bell Rock into the mix.

She loves playing in the toy room and will come and ask me to turn the light on when she's ready to play.

She will NOT color with crayons. It has to be a pen or pencil. (She's also pretty good at getting pen on the couch!)

She loves 'sharing' her food with Miley.

My favorite thing she says is, "Oh great".

She has developed a little attitude lately and enjoys saying stupid, go away and no play Ella.

She still loves lotion. She's also really into shampoo and will scrub her hair for a good five minutes.

First thing in the morning she wants out of her jammies and likes to choose her outfits.

Her love for shoes is still quite strong! Too bad her favorite shoes (and clothes) just happen to be the ugliest of ugly!

She has to give everyone at least two kisses each night before she goes to bed.

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