Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

I don't think I can remember a better Christmas! Having a 5 year old, 2 year old and a new little baby may have helped make it a perfect day! Eleanor woke up at 4:30 to tell me she heard Santa's bells just before she fell asleep and asked me if I thought Santa had left yet. I was expecting her to stay awake but she fell back to sleep within a few minutes. Jude and I were the only two awake by 8 so I started making breakfast. I will admit I was being a little bit more noisy then normal but I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to wake the entire house!

Finally around 8:30 both girls woke up. Eleanor was so excited and was so patient to wait for Amelia to get a diaper change.They all enjoyed opening their stockings. Eleanor loved everything (but I think her undershirts were her favorite). Amelia was most pleased with the candy and chap stick. Jude smiled and laughed when the girls showed him his Sophie the giraffe.

 It was great watching the girls walk into the family room and seeing all the presents! Eleanor loved being in charge of finding every one's presents and handing them out. She was so excited that Santa used the paper we set out and even put the correct bows on every one's presents. Eleanor was so excited for everyone to open the presents she bought them. She had all of us open her presents before she opened any of hers.

It was a lot of fun watching Eleanor's excitement. She loved all her presents and enjoyed helping Amelia and Jude open their presents. Amelia got a little overwhelmed. All she wanted was her babies in her cradle. Eleanor ended up opening most of her presents for her. My favorite quote of the day was from Eleanor. After all the presents were open she said, "Man, Santa must be really rich!".

I'm not sure why I even tried getting a shot of all the kids right before church. They were all being crazy! Oh well, I still think they looked pretty dang cute!

 After church we played with all the kid's new toys and had a really relaxing afternoon. Grandma and Grandpa Martin came and had Christmas dinner with us. We had fondue with shrimp. Eleanor was in heaven!

Overall it was a fantastic day! I only wish it could have lasted longer! 

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