Friday, April 20, 2012

Bryce Canyon

After the Grand Canyon we headed over to Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon. John's family were on their way home from Vegas and we all decided to meet at Bryce for a day. The last time we were at Bryce was back in 2007 and Eleanor was just a little baby. It was fun going back to the same hotel and doing the same hike we did five years ago.

We got lucky and made it to Sunset point just in time. Bryce is such a beautiful park! Eleanor was cracking me up with her posing. As you can tell, she was really proud of her outfit. Awesome!

The next morning John got up early and took the girls to Sunrise point. I stayed in bed with Jude and probably enjoyed that more then anything! We then met up with everyone for our hike. Jay stayed behind with Alex and she offered to keep Jude for us. It was nice not having to pack him around. We were all so proud of Amelia. She did the entire 1.6 mile hike all by herself! I thought for sure we'd have to carry her some but that little stink made it! She was pretty exhausted by the end. That little girl loves hiking. (Remember for her birthday we took her on a hike because its her favorite activity!)

Don't mind the photo overload. I just can't choose... 

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