Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Morning

John makes fun of me and says that I start thinking/shopping for the kid's Easter baskets the day after Christmas. This isn't entirely true, but I will admit I love planning for their baskets. Both Eleanor and Amelia are at such fun ages right now and it's fun getting them things I know they will love.

Eleanor was up way before the other too and so we decided to let her open her basket before Amelia and Jude got up. I feel bad I didn't really get many photos of Jude or Amelia, things got a little wild having all three opening and playing with things!

Normally the Easter Bunny leaves a trail of eggs leading to the kid's baskets, but this year the trail of eggs lead to gifts from John and me. Amelia was thrilled with her little red wiggle toy and she loved Jude's legos. Eleanor wasn't too thrilled about her new Razor (she prefers Amelia's toy) but I'm determined to get her ridding and enjoying the new scooter!!

Overall it was a very successful morning. It was a lot of fun watching the excitement. Now, every time Amelia finds a new toy or puts on a piece of clothing, she says she got it from the Easter bunny. It's pretty dang cute!

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