Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was a lot of fun! We picked up Mimi and Grandpa at the airport early in the morning. We then made a quick stop at Costco to pick up lots of goodies. By the time we got out of the store it was a blizzard! I'd been hoping for a white Christmas, so I was beyond thrilled to see the snow!!

Eleanor and Grandpa went on their traditional run to Kolers and even braved the outlets during the storm. Grandpa bought Eleanor a package of perfume and she was beyond thrilled! Those two have quite the little relationship.

John had to work on Christmas Eve but was home by 3pm. I made so yummy clam chowder and the kids helped me make cookies for Santa. Eleanor thought Santa would like a can of Diet Dew better then milk. Of course Amelia had to steal a few cookies.
The girls finished up some last minute wrapping. I love how excited they were to give their gifts to each other. Amelia picked out a clay set for Eleanor and Eleanor got Amelia a watch. 
We had the girls watch a movie in our bed. Just before they fell asleep they heard Santa's sleigh bells ringing outside!! Luckily, they both fell asleep pretty fast and Santa was able to come and leave his gifts!

I love getting photos of my kids sleeping on Christmas Eve. Its such a magical night! Normally, we leave all our wrapping for Christmas Eve, but with John being out of commission this year, I worked on it for a few nights before. I must say, it was kind of nice not having to worry about getting it all done. We were able to watch a movie and enjoy the evening.

I'd say Santa was pretty kind to us this year!! The kids got spoiled!!

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