Sunday, January 27, 2013

This week was flew by! We spent the first part of the week in Vegas with our friends the Shirley's. (I'll try to catch up on that post later this week). John had Monday and Tuesday off of work and Eleanor only went to school on W,TH&F.

Eleanor had a class party on Friday and I volunteered to help. Every time I go to her classroom I leave exhausted and extremely grateful for her teacher. That Mrs. Parsons is truly and amazing teacher! She has such patients and is great with all the kids. I love helping out in Eleanor's class and I need to do it more especially while she is still excited to have me in there with her! I know it won't be too long before it's not cool to have your mom there! On Friday night she got to have her first friend spend the night. She and Lilly were beyond excited!! I let them go with me to Maverick to load up on candy and Slurpee's. They also got to rent their own Redbox. The little stinks stayed up past 12. I'm so glad Eleanor has such a good friend just close! They seriously play together every chance they get!!

Amelia asks everyday if it's dance class.  She loves wearing her dance clothes (of course, she loves the ONE dress I can't stand!) and is always wanting to be at dance. She cracks me up!! My new favorite thing about Mia is the way she says sorry to me. She gets a really somber look on her face and lowers her voice while saying, "sorry mom". Its adorable and she knows I can't stay mad at her when she pulls that on me, which is WAY too many times a day!

Jude. Oh I love this boy! He's quite the little show off and dancer. He likes to dance to any music he hears. His dancing is more like bending up and down and stomping one leg, but it's adorable! He's been a little sick the past few days and I don't like it.  The poor kid has the worst gag reflex and throws up all the time!! It's even worse when he has a cold. No exaggeration, he throws up at least 3 times a week. Today it was four times. Makes me so sad for him.

John is still on his crutches. He went to the doctor this week and he said maybe in a week or two he can drop down to one crutch but really it just depends on how it feels for John. He also said that once he's off crutches he'll be in the boot for another month or so. I feel bad for John. I know it's killing him that our garage is turning into a huge junk pile and that our Christmas lights are still up on the house. I know we will ALL be glad when he can walk again!!

I started swimming again and I love it! I've been going with a few friends at 9pm. It works great because the kids are in bed. My goal is 3 times a week. I've also started back on Julian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Man I love that workout! My entire body is sore the next day!!

 We had Savannah and Katelyn spend the night on Saturday night. Savannah watched all the kids while John and I went and saw the new James Bond movie. I know going out to the movies isn't much, but I so enjoy getting out with John! It's nice being able to have him all to myself. When we got home John decided he was hungry and the kids didn't want us home yet, so we took Jude and headed over to Johnny Rockets. It's kind of fun having it so close to the house and it's even more fun having a babysitter to do it!

The Paey's invited us over to dinner tonight. We got in a pretty bad snowstorm on the way over. They even closed down the freeway. We had a really fun night. It's nice when our kids play with the other kids and we get to just hang out. Wish we could get together with more friends more often.

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