Sunday, January 13, 2013

Everyday Life

While driving in the snow I hit a patch of ice and slid just a bit. Amelia was in the back seat and started yelling, "rocking hell". Not quite sure where she got that one from!

Amelia has been really wanting to fly to Neverland. She can't understand why I can't just take her there. I tried to explain we need to have Peter Pan take us there.

Jude learned a new word: Boo! He loves going up to people and yelling it. It's pretty dang cute.

He's still climbing on any and everything. Right now he has 5 bruises on his little forehead. He's wild.

Eleanor and I started reading Harry Potter together at nights. I have never read the books and I'm loving experience it with Eleanor. She is really into and understands a lot more then I expected. I love it when she tells me she can picture how one of the character looks in her head.

Eleanor still loves her long hot showers in the morning. She's worse then any teenager I know. I think it's kind of funny!

John has been getting home at decent times each night and we are enjoying it. We all just wish he wasn't on crutches this winter. We have had lots and lots of snow and would love to have him take us sledding. (I keep saying I'm going to take the kids but it's been really cold and I don't know if it's worth all the work).

I'm just getting back into the swing of normal life. I don't remember ever being this behind on life after the holiday season. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I've been having to everything on my own lately. Having John out of commission has made me realize how much he does help out. The other day all three kids fell asleep in the car and we had a full load from Costco. Let's just say it wasn't fun unloading all of that on my own in 0 degree weather!

My new years resolutions aren't going as great as I would wish, but I'm not failing 100%. My main goal was to not yell at my kids and try to be a nicer, calmer mom. I can tell my efforts have made a big difference. My kids, especially Amelia, do not respond well to negativity. I find if I praise them more and try to talk nice, they behave much better. I still have a lot of work, but I'm trying.

I'm not quite on track with my weight loss goal, but I'm trying. It just sucks!! I really want my kids to eat healthy and enjoy it. I just wish eating carrots was as much fun as making and eating valentines cookies!!

We set a goal to do FHE each week and we are 3/3. We do it on Sunday nights and the girls really seem to love it. So far our lessons have been on Goals, Safety and Obedience.

As a family we set a goal to do an act of service each day. The girls are really into it. Amelia has cleaned the toy room 3 times all by herself. Eleanor was nice to a new girl and school and took Lilly some cookies when she was sick. John and I are trying to plan a bigger service project for our family.

My goal for this week is to get photos off my camera and onto the blog!

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