Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's to 2013

One of my New Year's resolution is to be more diligent at blogging. I always enjoy pulling out the old blog books I've made or scrolling down to past entries. It's amazing how fast time goes and I don't want to forget this time of our lives. I figure if I shoot to post at least every Sunday that should help me.

We just changed to 9am church and I am very excited about it! The kids seem to act better at church and then it gives us the rest of the day to enjoy it as a family. Although, today the girls enjoyed it together down in the basement while John and I laid in bed watching Gossip Girl and Jude took a three hour nap!

Eleanor came up stairs to show us that she lost her 6th tooth. She said she was playing with her headband in her mouth and it accidentally pulled her loose tooth right out. She looks adorable with all her missing teeth. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She's my best little friend!

Amelia had her first day of primary and she loved it! Last week she informed me she didn't want to go to nursery because all the kids whine too much.  I'm pretty sure she's include in that!! When I took her to opening exercises, she was really excited. She loves going to primary with Eleanor and thinks she's really big now. I love her!

Jude will go to nursery next month and he'll love it. He wanted to go today but I talked him into taking a nap in my lap during Sunday school and RS. He's wild. He is constantly throwing anything within reach and knows how to pester his sisters.  He climbs anything and everything. He still has the best smile and gives great hugs and kisses!

John is going on two months with crutches. I feel bad for him. I often forget he's not functioning 100%. I think he's about ready to go crazy!! He's been working really hard at work and it's paying off. He found out last week that he made VP at Goldman Sachs. I'm so proud of him and very thankful for all his hard work and support for our family. I'm one lucky lady!

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