Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eleanor's First Day of School

How did my first born get this old? Seriously? I'm so excited for Eleanor to start school because I know she is going to LOVE school but I'm also a bit sad for her. I hate that she will no longer be free to play all day and enjoy staying home with us. I hate that she might experience mean or unfair things. As a mom I want to try and shield her from many things but I know that's not whats best for her.  I know she needs to get out there and experience all she can. Geez, I think I'm making it sound like she's going off to NYC for her first year of college!!

I had a lot of fun taking Eleanor school shopping. I thought for sure she and I would go at it big time but much to my surprise we only disagreed on a few items (and I was pretty proud of myself for giving in and letting her add PLENTY of cheetah print to her wardrobe!) Eleanor knew just what she wanted to wear on the first day of school...her white shorts, white tank-top and white shoes. That's so Eleanor!

She has three little kids from our ward in her class and she is very happy about having her all time best friend, Lilly, in her class. These two have been inseparable for the past year. I just hope Mrs. Parsons doesn't have too much trouble with them!

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  1. She's so cute!! I can't believe that she is already old enough to be going school. She's a doll!