Monday, October 22, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Our trip to Disneyland was nearly perfect!! We had three great days in the park and the kids were great all three days! It was so much fun having the Riters, Timmy and Mimi join us. I honestly love going to Disneyland. Eleanor, Amelia, Jude, Timmy and Cecilia all had the time of their lives! Eleanor loved going on all the bigger rides she couldn't go on last time. The Halloween creature kind of freaked her out on  space mountain and tower of terror scarred her a bit, but she seemed to like them. Amelia loved every ride she went on. Her favorites were Winnie the Poo and Peter Pan. Since Peter Pan is her favorite movie, I couldn't wait for her to go on the ride. She loved it!! Jude loved every ride but his favorite thing was waving to everyone he saw. It was pretty cute watching him. John and Davey were able to get us all our fast-passes and stroller-passes so we never had to wait in any lines. I think Eleanor rode Thunder Mountain 4 times back to back.  Now get ready for some photo overload:

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