Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm not sure what it is, but I think every time a holiday rolls around I find myself saying, "This is my favorite holiday". I've enjoyed every minute of fall this year and we've been keeping busy doing all things fall related!

This year we didn't really have a great plan for our costumes. Eleanor wanted to be a black cat so I thought we could all just be traditional Halloween icons. John was a white ghost, I was a vampire, Eleanor the black cat, Amelia a witch (and a princess) and our little Jude was Frankenstein.

We started the day at Eleanor's school for the little parade.  I think both John and I embarrassed her because she would not look at us! It was actually pretty dang funny!

The weather was so nice today and John is on his two week vacation so we started putting up Christmas lights. Amelia and Jude loved being outside. Jude discovered Amelia's motorcycle and I couldn't get him off it! Amelia couldn't put her "baby" down all day.

Amelia is one stubborn little girl. She refused to wear her witch costume to the ward halloween party last week and had no plans of wearing tonight. She threw a huge fit because she only wanted to be a princess. Finally after a lot of bribes she decided to be a witch.

 I wanted Jude to be Frankenstein because he still kind of walks pretty funny. He was a pretty good sport about his makeup and even wore the little headband with bolts for a little bit of the night. The kid LOVED trick-or-treating! He totally knew what was going on. When we passed a house he would throw a fit and try going back to the house. He waved to everyone who answered the door and every trick-or-treater we passed. When he got home he was pretty proud of his loot and carried it around all night.

 Eleanor was totally into Halloween this year, and I loved it!! She and Lilly had the time of their lives running around our neighborhood. After knocking all the doors in lower part of our neighborhood with the littles, John took them to the upper part alone. Previous years we have gotten away with just doing the lower loop but this year she wanted more! While John took Eleanor and Lilly I stayed behind and passed out candy. I love dressing up and scarring the kids when I open the door.  For some reason the kids were extra jumpy this year!

 Of course, we had our traditional dinner in a pumpkin. I don't think my kids really like this, but I do and I have no plans of not continuing this fun tradition.

Last year I took the kids to their dentist the day after Halloween to sell their candy. The office buys it for $2 a pound and my kids think this is pretty awesome! So, I've decided to let them eat what they want on Halloween night and then the next morning I let them pick out 5 pieces of candy before we sell it. Honestly, I think I really do this so I'm not the one eating all the candy!

Little Amelia went a little overboard on eating candy! The girl loves her candy and I just pray she doesn't puke later tonight!

Overall, it was a very successful Halloween and I guess it's time to start switching into the Holiday mode. Bring it on!

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