Friday, October 19, 2012

Huntington Beach

I have always thought it would be fun to plan a trip to Disneyland without the kids knowing and then surprise them when we pull up to the gates. But, I do love all the excitement the kids have days, weeks and even months before the big trip. We started planning our trip to CA back in January or February and my girls have been talking about it ever since. We even used the "Do you want to go to Disneyland?" threat to get them to behave and it worked like a charm!

Lucky for us we didn't go alone. The Riters, Mimi and Timmy joined us! Disneyland is much better with cousins! We just wish more could have come....hopefully next year!

We met up with the Riters at Huntington Beach. It was pretty chilly and started raining so John and Davey were the lucky ones to take the girls out on the beach. Amy, Jude and I hung out under the pier.

That night we met up with Niki and the girls. I'm so sad I  forgot my camera at the hotel. My girls loved being with their older cousins and it was nice to eat dinner without them suffocating me (they'd rather sit with their cousins).

That night at The Cheesecake Factory we had them sing to Amelia for her birthday and she was not one bit pleased about it! She started crying and was really upset about it!

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