Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Little Stink Is Three

This crazy little stink turned three and I only wish the saying "terrible two's" was true. That would mean we would be leaving the "terribles" behind but sadly, we are just entering into the terrible threes! Amelia has always been easy going from day one. For example, at just four and five months old I was able to travel transatlantic without having to stand up ONCE! She has always been super easy, sweet and loving...until recently. She's developed quite a stubborn streak and is constantly pushing every one's buttons! She is still her usual sweet and easy going kid about 50% of time and she switches at the drop of a hat (or a tap from her brother or sister!).  I know this is totally normal for three year olds and I need to remember to just enjoy her and not get too frustrated with her! She really is such a fun little girl! She was away for two nights and I missed her like crazy (at the same time I also enjoyed the quiet).

Some of my favorite things about this three year old:

* She is really into rings right now. She got 5 little ones the first few hours into our Disneyland trip and she didn't loose one of them during our entire week in CA.

* She loves her long hair! She just recently started combing or playing with it all the time.When she gets mad at me or Eleanor she is quick to let us know we don't have long hair like her.

* She loves to go on play dates and spend the night at people's house. She is always asking me to "leave me at ________ house".

* When ever she is being babysat she'll tell the person she wishes they were her mom/dad. (Yeah, makes me feel real special!)

* She loves to copy her sister and will do anything she does. Right now she is always asking me how to spell or write certain words.

* She is LOUD. I don't really love this, but I appreciate it.

* She has one major sweet tooth and she loves my diet pepsi!

* She can spend all day outside and does if the weather permits.

* She plays with her kitten like it's a baby.

* She is pretty athletic. Loves riding bikes, scooters and jumping on the tramp.

* She loves Peter Pan and Cinderella

* She loves baby dolls.

* She'll stop or do anything if you threaten to call Santa.

* She does not like to be sung Happy Birthday to.

* She loves hording things and carrying collections of things in little bags.

* She's always a mess!

* She only likes her hair in "piggy tails" not "pony tails"

* She is quick to give a hug and kiss if she thinks you are crying.

* She is very good to apologize.

* She has to BEST smile.

* If she doesn't like someone she'll say, "they aren't my cousin".

* She is very loyal to Eleanor and Amelia.

* She loves Henry and thinks she's his mom.
* She loves going to dance class and always has to wear a sweater.

* She says really embarrassing things out in public and remember she's loud.

* When she likes what I make for dinner she'll say, "this is delicious".

I'm sure there's about a million other little things I love about this girl! She really is such a fun little person to have around and we all love her to death!!

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