Monday, February 6, 2012

Before I Forget..

Amelia's new favorite thing to say is 'Dang it'. Most times its, "dang it kids" or "dang it mom".  She is also developing quite the attitude. The other day I asked her to pick up all the cucumbers she spit out on the floor. She looked at me with a smirky grin and said, "No thanks mom". I made her sit on the notty chair and the entire time she kept yelling, "dang it mom. I'm so mad!".

When Eleanor was just two she would carry around a stack of papers and call them her prescriptions. Well just a few weeks ago she collected a stack of papers from a model home and called them her policies. She's been toting them around and talking about her policies ever since. She is determined she wants to be policy worker when she grows up. I'm still trying to figure that one out!

Eleanor loves the color white and tries her hardest to only wear white clothes! 

While watching the cartoon Cars, Eleanor asked, "What, was this movie filmed in St. Johns?".

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