Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Happenings

This past week was nothing extraordinary but a good one none the lest. All three kids have been sick. Eleanor and Jude both have ear infections and Amelia has a cold. I'm ready for warmer weather and no more sickness.

Eleanor brought home a few books from school this week and we've been having fun reading them together. I'm surprised at how well she is ready. She sometimes gets frustrated when she gets her 'b's and 'd's confused but we're working on it. Eleanor is quite the little social-butterfly and has been enjoying lots of playdates with her friends, especially Lilly, Avery and Summer. 

Amelia has been a lot of fun this week. She started calling me 'Julie' and I think it's actually really cute and funny. I've had to paint her nails everyday this week. She loves having them painted but gets really upset when it comes off. She'll cry and say I took it away. Yesterday she told me, "paint my nails already". She's still taking a 2-3 hour a nap each day. I'm going to be really sad when she stops napping!

Jude is officially sitting and doing a good job at putting everything within reach in his mouth. He also scoots in a full 360 around the floor.  He's also a huge fan of his little exersaucer which makes me really happy. He's also started eating baby food. He doesn't love it but he also doesn't hate it. He's still the happiest little baby around! The other night I went in his room to check on him and I had to stop thinking about how much I love him because it seriously hurt my heart!

John has been getting home from work before 7pm most nights and we are loving it! It's allowed for us to finish the entire five season of Friday Night Lights. Yes, we watched all five seasons in about a month. I really loved the first two seasons. The third and fourth were not my favorite and the fifth was pretty good. I won't lie. I kind of wish there was another season. That Tim Riggins and coach Taylor are pretty nice to watch!

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