Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Although we don't have reservations at any of our favorite restaurants or tickets to a movie, I am still looking forward to  Valentine's Day tomorrow. Eleanor had her party at school today and was excited she got more then just a lousy wrapper from her classmates (she was convinced they were only going to give her a used candy wrapper).  It's pretty fun watching her get excited about things. She was pretty proud of the valentine I made for her this year. Of course she had her own ideas on how it should have been done. I'm sure next year I won't get away with doing her valentine my way.  She is spending the night with Sara, Dick and Henry tonight so I'll have to wait until dinner tomorrow night to give the kids their little valentines from us.  I still haven't thought of a menu for tomorrow but I have a few fun ideas.

Amelia and Jude are completely clueless about it all but its still fun including them in all the fun.

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