Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Life

I feel like this is a pretty good summary of what our lives are currently like. Eleanor and Amelia have become quite the buddies. Don't get me wrong, they both can pester the heck out of each other but most of the time they are pretty funny together!

I wish Jude was looking over at his sisters with his big smile. He honestly LOVES his sisters. Even when Amelia is trying to drag him across the floor by one arm or when Eleanor squeezes his stomach so tight he just about pukes. There really isn't anything much better then watching him admire his sisters.  He's also a big fan of his toys. He loves laying like that and having a whole collection of toys to play with. Most of the time Amelia decides which toys he can and can't have.

Amelia is still wearing diapers. I thought I would try getting her into underoos but she's not showing any interest. I put her on the toilet the other day and after telling her to push her pee out she told me, "It doesn't work".  She's also discovered the binkie. Never in my life did I think I'd have to worry about one of my kids being a binkie addict. I'm pretty sure she likes having it because we all thought it was funny the first time she put Jude's binkie in her mouth. I honestly don't let her have one but every now and then she'll find one around the house and put it in her mouth. (Now, I just wish we could get Jude to take it a little better!)

Eleanor still insists on only wearing white. She told me when she gets older she will ONLY wear white. It's a constant battle trying to get this girl to wear something somewhat presentable. We've made a deal that she can pick out her clothes for preschool and I get to choose church and any other outing. Sara talked her into cutting her hair shorter and it fits her so perfectly!

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