Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jude: Half A Year

The other day when Jude was sleeping my neighbor brought over her little boy who is just one day older then Jude.  I couldn't believe how big her little boy was and I later told John that their little boy is a lot bigger then Jude. Two days later they were over at our house again. This time Jude was awake and I was completely shocked to see that Jude and our neighbor's baby are just about the exact same size! In my mind our little Jude is still a newborn.

Today I took Jude in for his six month check up. I was sad to find out he has another ear infection. This is his 5th infection so the Dr. had us schedule an appointment with an E.N.T. Poor little guy! He had no fever and showed no signs of being sick. I hate thinking of him being in pain.

Jude has dropped from the 90th percentile for his height down to the 30th and from the 50th down to the 30th for his weight. The Dr. thinks I should start him on formula.  I know he's going to hate it but it will be nice if I can get him to take a bottle!

I know I say it all the time, but we all love this little guy! 

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