Friday, March 16, 2012


 We were spoiled with lots of family in town over the weekend. Mimi, Grandpa, Jeff, Amy and Cecilia all came in town for Russ and Kimmy's wedding. My kids were in heaven with all our visitors! Poor Cece was clobbered by my kids. Amelia wanted to hold her at all times and Jude loved pulling her hair and playing with her toes. It's always so much fun when cousins can get together. I just wish we all lived closer!
I was pretty lazy with the camera and I'm kicking myself for not getting any photos of Mimi, Grandpa, Amy or Jeff. Both Amelia and Eleanor adore Jeff! Eleanor was excited to have Uncle Jeff come with her to swim lessons and I honestly lost count of how many times Amelia would randomly say, "I love Jeff". Oh and Eleanor was really excited to share her "bed" with Jeff (aka the couch).

My kids are really lucky to have such great grandparents! I love that they are close with both Mimi and Grandpa and its fun watching all of them together.

I had to put this photo in simply because of the sock on Henry's hand. This cracks me up and he does it all the time!
And I love the these three together. It's been a lot of fun having Jude almost exactly a year after Henry, it helps me have an idea of what Jude will be like in a year. I'd be one lucky mama if he follows in Henry's footsteps!!

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