Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loving Her

 Maybe it's because I no longer have to change her diaper, but I am totally loving this little girl lately! She is at a really fun (and hard) age. She is constantly saying new things and making all of us laugh. She is so sweet but yet can be such a tease. Eleanor had a play date today and Jude took two really good naps, so it was just she and I most of the day. While she was eating lunch I had to run and grab the camera. I wanted to remember our little afternoon together. It wasn't anything special (obviously. the poor child has no underwear on, her hair is a wild mess and she's filthy) but it was a memory I want to remember. I seriously love this little girl to pieces! She constantly keeps me on my toes! This morning she decided the sidewalk chalk would work just as well on the kitchen floor, cabinets, carpet, her little toes and the bathroom floor. She also thought the carpet needed a nice coat of mac-n-cheese and milk.

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