Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day

This morning we woke up to a lot of snow. We've been out of town for the only two other snow storms this winter, so it was pretty exciting for us. John tried getting out at 5:30 but he got his car stuck and couldn't get mine out either. He tried waiting for the plows to come but they weren't here by 9 and so he decided to give it another try. While he was leaving Lori came to pick Eleanor up (she has 4 wheel drive) and together they both tried for a good 20 minutes to get out of our neighborhood. Finally, John was able to get up the hill but Lori was still getting stuck. I told her to just bring Eleanor home and decided we were going to have a snow day. Eleanor thought it was hilarious that they were stuck and was pretty excited to skip school.

 I'm not going to lie. I love any excuse to be lazy and just hang around the house in our pjs. The kids played and I finished Eleanor's year six book and nearly finished Amelia's year three. Their little books are a lot of work but I love doing them and hope they love them just as much when they get older. It was a lot of fun looking back at photos from 2011.  Eleanor has grown quite a bit but I was shocked to see how much Amelia has changed. She was just a baby during most of 2011.While working on their books I realized I need to start taking more photos, so I grabbed my camera and did just that.

Amelia loves playing with her pet shops and is really into lining them up.

 It's not very often she'll ask me to take her when she asked, I jumped all over it! She was putting a lot of thought and effort into her cute posing.

 The three of them played together for most the afternoon. I love when all three are in their little zones and there is NO fighting or crying.

 Eleanor built this awesome castle for her petshops. It kept falling over so I taped it together and then to the wall and this made Eleanor think I was the smartest person on earth. She kept telling me she didn't know I was so smart. I'm going to miss all of Eleanor's little creations when she gets older. She is constantly building forts, desk, houses and lots of other fun little things.
 Poor Jude wasn't feel too hot today. He did a lot more crying then usual, and to be honest it was hardly any at all. He'd be crying and then stop for a little smile break. Poor kid is fighting another ear infection. Hopefully this will all end soon when he gets his tubes in on the 15th!

Of course Amelia was right there to comfort Jude. She is seriously so sweet. She hates to see anyone sad or crying.  Her hugs and kisses helped calm him down but her dancing just didn't do the trick!

I love these photos of Amelia. She is one crazy little girl when she gets on her donkey!

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  1. Okay, that second picture of Amelia (with her hands on her hips) is my absolute favorite! She looks so grown up! And so pretty!