Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Last year we were not successful in catching a leprechaun, so Eleanor was determined to make a very "smart" trap this go around. John was out at a bachelor party for Russ so I was the lucky assistant. Eleanor really did have elaborate plans but unfortunately we had to scale back a little due to lack of supplies and time. As you can see, we tied some string to our lucky clover, the door handle and then made a loop on the ground with one of the sugar cookies we made earlier that day.

Eleanor checked her trap first thing in the morning and was in tears when she didn't see a little leprechaun on our porch (I have her reaction on video and it's classic). The leprechaun ate the cookie and left  the kids a shirt and a little gold box filled a surprise. The girls got squinkies, Cecilia got a green binki and Jude got a green matchbox car (thanks to Henry leaving his car behind the day before).

I think next year we might need to improve our trap or explain to Eleanor that its really really difficult to catch a leprechaun!

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