Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arizona Continued

While going through some photos today, I found a few new ones from Arizona. We were luckily enough to have Emma and McKenna spend the night with us one night at Mimi's. My girls were totally in heaven being with their "bigger" cousins.  John and I took all of them out to breakfast the next morning and it really made me wish we lived closer to them. They are so much fun and it would be nice to have them babysit!!

And of course Amelia was a little obsessive with Cecilia (how could you not be!). Amelia loves Cecilia and has since named all her babies 'Cece'. 

Jude was excited to meet his newest cousin and soon to be buddy, Samuel. Poor Samuel got a few of Jude's notorious pinches but we did save him from getting slobbered with Jude's kisses. I am so glad my kids have so many cousins. Growing up I thought my cousins were the coolest and I want the same for my kids!

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