Thursday, May 3, 2012


During spring break we got together with Lana and Jay and their kids to for an afternoon of swimming at the Legacy Center. Eleanor has been taking swimming lessons the past few months at the pool, so I try and take the kidos swimming once a week. It's a lot of work with Jude so most of the time he gets put in the daycare. Well, since we had three adults I took advantage of it and let Jude go for a little dip. The little boy LOVES water. He loves to lay down and kick his legs and splash as much water as he can.

Eleanor is pretty easy in the pool now. She can touch everywhere but the lazy river, but with her life jacket she is fine in the lazy river. She has even got the courage to go down the gray slide and now loves it! It's been a lot of working hauling her to her swim lessons, but it's defiantly worth it!

Amelia of course loves the water as well.  I have to watch her like a hawk! The girl has no fear. The other day I asked if she wanted to go down the gray slide all by herself. She agreed and off she went. She got a little scared trying to climb into the slide, but  I helped her figure it out and now she goes down it all alone (remember, Eleanor just started doing that a few weeks ago!). Amelia still gets a little freaked out when her face goes under the water. I hope to start swimming lessons with her next month.

It was a lot of having the cousins join us at the pool. Eleanor and Lilly are becoming quite the buds! They even got to have two sleepovers in one week. There's nothing like cousins!! 

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