Thursday, May 3, 2012

John's Birthday and the Tulip Festival

John's birthday is on April 14th and it's a very appropriate date for him.  John loves flowers, gardening and anything green. He has a true gift for making our yard look amazing each year. This year we decided to visit the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point to celebrate his birthday. This was our first year of actually going and we were blown away with the amount of tulips and how beautiful they were. John kept trying to get photos of the girls but they were not having it. He finally told them that the gardens was having a photo contest and the winner would get paid $15.00. Of course this caught Eleanor's attention and she then wanted a photo with every single tulip. It got pretty annoying but it helped John get a few photos. Amelia on the other hand could care less about money and so she continued to be her normal self and make it impossible to get a photo of her.

After the festival John wanted a hamburger for lunch so we head over to Culver's.  A visit to AZ isn't complete with a trip to Culver's, so I was anxious to get one in Lehi. John had never been so we decided to go there. I think I've gotten him addicted now. We've already been back a number of times.

John then wanted to go to IFA to pick up a few seeds and plants for the garden. This year we (aka John) ripped out some grass on the side of our house and expanded our garden. I think John planted 13 tomato plants. I can't wait!

For dinner John wanted to go to Tuccanos so we dropped Jude and Amelia off at Sara's (Eleanor was sleeping over at Lilly's). Dinner was good but it was even better without kids. It was nice to be alone with John and actually get to talk without having to take care of kids! When we went to pick up Amelia she was pretty upset and so we ended up leaving her with Sara and Dick. So, it was just Jude, John and I for the rest of the night. It was heaven!!

Sunday we had John's family over for dinner. We love the spaghetti Napa cabbage at Luganos (one of our favorite). I didn't have a recipe, but I manged to come up with something that was pretty dang close to the original. I also made manicotti with homemade red sauce. They were both a huge hit and I can't wait to make them again!

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