Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hardworking Duo

This spring we decided to rip out some of our grass on the side of our yard and expand our garden. Don't get too excited, our garden is still pretty tiny. Amelia loves being outside and got very excited to help John. She 'worked' pretty hard all evening. She was pretty proud of the large pile of grass she made. John is so patient and nice to our girls. I'm sure I would have gotten pretty annoyed with her but not John. He really is such a great dad and our girls ADORE him! Funny story. The other night Amelia was pretty sick so she slept in our bed. When she woke up to find John wasn't in our bed and had left for work, she was pretty upset. She kept saying, "Dad just left me in bed. He left me". Although she wasn't just saying it, she was bawling and pretty much screaming it. She cried for him the entire day and was beyond excited when he finally got home!

p.s. I love John's socks and flip flops! Very classy!!

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