Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoo With Cousins

I'm pretty sure my kid's have been to the Hogle Zoo at least 12 times in the past six months and they still enjoy it! I'd say we've definitely gotten our money's worth from our pass. This visit was with some of the Martin cousins. The weather was absolutely perfect and we pretty much had the entire zoo to ourselves. It was so much fun!

I kind of wish I'd been keeping track of all the different animals on the carousel that my girls have ridden on. It's funny because Eleanor will go in stages and only want to ride on certain animals. I love watching her face when she trying to find her chosen animal. The girl is determined! Amelia has a love hate relationship with both the carousel and the train. She used to never cry, but lately she screams the entire time, and will then say how much she loved going on the ride. Strange.

After the zoo we headed over to Bucca Di Beppo for some good food! Eleanor and Amelia thought it was the most beautiful restaurant and kept giggling at the statue of the little boy peeing and the lady's nude behind. It was loud with the large group but it was a lot of fun. I will admit it, I LOVE going out to eat. Not only for the good food, but just being with everyone.

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