Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was delightful! John kept the kids out of our room and downstairs so I was able to sleep past 9. The girls were so excited for me to wake and tell me happy Mother's Day about a hundred times!

I am seriously so lucky to be the owner of these three little kids! They can drive me absolutely crazy one moment and then completely melt my heart the next. I love each one of them to pieces and really hope I am doing my best for them.  I feel like they are all so different and have individual needs. Eleanor loves spending time together whether its going to the movies or working on a project.  Amelia wants nothing more then to make me happy and loves positive encouragement. Little Jude needs plenty of hugs and kisses and loves playing together.

I'm glad John thought to get a quick photo of us before we headed off to church. Too often I'm the one behind the camera.

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