Sunday, May 6, 2012

UTI's Suck!

 This poor little girl got an UTI and was pretty dang sick! We were at the park earlier during the day playing with Sara and Henry and she seemed totally fine. Then on the way home she started throwing up and threw up all night. Around 8pm she started complaining about pain when she would go pee. I took her in first thing the next morning. After an hour in the bathroom (luckily one of our favorite nurses was there and kept Jude for me. She even changed his dirty diaper.). They did a little dip test with her urine was was pretty certain she had an UTI but sent it off to get cultured and started her on an antibiotic. I had never seen her so sick. It broke all of our hearts. She was totally out of it for the next three days. Her fever stayed around 103.6 and totally miserable.

I love these photos of her. She was constantly feeling like she had to go pee and was spending most of the day in the bathroom. I tried getting her to let me hold her on the couch but she wanted to stay on the "magic carpet".

Thank goodness she is back to herself!! I really hate it when one of my kids are sick. I feel so blessed that for the most part they have all been pretty dang healthy.

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